Point the need – we will find a solution

Having a good product is not enough. It is crucial that everyone knows and speaks up it is excellent.

Professionally, creatively, responsibly and – very important – with a full understanding of the needs of the dental industry – we have been working for years. We love to learn and develop, we seek solutions and avoid obstacles. One might say that working with us can be even likeable.

Dental pr

Promotional campaigns don’t have to be boring. Dental PR doesn’t end up with a press release and printed advertisement.

Dental copywriting

Words are the keys – some open the minds of the doctors, other are the key to patients trust.

Visual identification

Good to have a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer and a mechanic in your family. In business you need a good graphic designer!

Custom publishing

The fourth estate in your own hands. Become a publisher of your own magazine or web portal.

Websites/dental IT

We follow UX (user experience) trends. Green is still fashionable this year.

Social media

Places where your clients/patients spend a lot of time. Will you get noticed there?