Łukasz Sowa fot. Piotr Molęcki

Łukasz Sowa

Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. In medical & dental industry since 2007. Over the years linked with the largest dental and medical publishers in Poland. He also worked for TVN and as a spokesperson for the Ombudsman for Children. Co-founder and Chief Editor of infoDENT24.pl (until May 31, 2015) – one of the most valued information portals for the dental industry. Copywriter. Author of “Childhood without caries” slogan, which promotes the largest programme of children caries prevention in Poland. Spokesperson of the FDI 2016 Poznań Congress, CEDE 2017 and Be Active Dentist. The author of the “CEDE Stars” poll. Writer of  the “A journalist comes to the dentist” column in “Twój Przegląd Stomatologiczny”. Ghostwriter of many highly esteemed figures in the dental industry.

Adam Niewęgłowski fot. Piotr Molęcki

Adam Niewęgłowski

Graduated from the Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw (Faculty of Computer science, specialization computer graphics and DTP). Has been providing graphic support to dental practitioners for years. Designer of outstanding websites. He prepared graphic designs for, among others, Be Active Dentist Foundation or Maestria Digital Dental and Face Clinic. Desktop publisher of “See You in Poznań” (FDI Poznań 2016) and “CEDEnews” (CEDE 2017) magazines as well as countless books, folders and leaflets. His creations can be found arround Facebook. Film editor of promotional spots for most important events in the dental industry.